Adding / Inviting Additional Team Members

Adding & Inviting Additional Team Members

Any Advisor with 'Manager-level access' in your company's account can invite additional team members. You can invite Advisors up to the number of seats in your subscription. If you need additional Advisor seats, email


Login to the Web Dashboard and click into the Manage tab
Invite Advisors individually or toggle the Multiple button to invite multiple Advisors via a spreadsheet
If inviting individually, you can choose which team that Advisor should be on and if they should have 'Manager-level access'
Invited Advisors will get a text message & email with a link to register with your company

After you invite new Advisors, they will show up in the 'Pending Invites' section until they sign-in for the first time using the phone number you invited them with. Once they register, you can view you Advisors in the 'Advisor-View' section.

Updated on: 12/07/2021

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