Private Notes

On your AgriSync web dashboard or mobile app, you can leave notes for your internal team's viewing only.

Private notes allow you to leave more specific details within a ticket that the customer will not be able to view, but will help your team members understand the issue better, especially if you will be re-assigning
the ticket.

Via the Mobile app, 'Private Notes' can be found on the Tags feedback screen after a phone call
has been completed. Click on the Private Notes tab and start typing. When you update the ticket, you
will see 'Private Notes' in black within the ticket history.

Private Notes Mobile

Via the Web Dashboard, 'Private Notes' can be recorded by typing a message in the chat bubble and
clicking the padlock icon on the left side, as opposed to the 'Public Chat' option on the right. Hover
your mouse over any icon on the web dashboard to see a description.

Private Notes Web
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