Advanced Ring Schedule FAQ

Advanced Ring Schedule FAQ

Q: What if I have multiple ring schedules on a given day?
A: The ring schedule created most recently will take effect. This occurs so that if you have a business hours schedule, but a holiday comes about or an unexpected event then you could create a new non-recurring ring schedule that sits on top of your regular business hours. When that one-time schedule is done, then the previously created one (business hours in this scenario) is still live.

Q: How many schedules can I create?
A: As many as you need! Obviously, the more you have might get a little overwhelming to view but it’s up to you. We recommend that you are mindful about planning ahead for how you’ll manage these schedules to ensure it’s easy to view.

Q: Can I view all my schedules for all teams?
A: We don’t have a calendar that shows all calendars, but we do allow for you to download the ring schedule into an .ics format at which point you can do what you need to do.

Q: Where do I create call trees or recordings that are used within the schedule?
A: Within your VoiceHub settings, there are dropdown menus for Call Tree and Custom Recordings. If you haven't created these prior to starting your ring schedule setup, no problem! Click to "add new call tree" or "add new recording" on steps 2 or 3, and this will take you to those options and SAVE your current ring schedule draft. When you come back into Advanced Ring Schedule, your draft schedule will show up on the left-hand side under the monthly calendar.

Q: How far in advance can I create schedules?
A: The calendar allows you to go to December of 2099, so if you want something in 2100 then let us know and we will alert you when it’s closer to that time 😊.

Q: Can I make edits to an existing schedule?
A: Absolutely! When you open up the Ring Schedule section, you will see all saved schedules and there will be an option to edit those schedules. Use this functionality when you need to make last minute changes. For example, if you have an employee on the ring schedule and they call in sick, then you can easily go into that ring schedule, remove them, and save it so they won’t be rung. Just remember that they’ll have to be added back in to be rung again.

Q: Can I make edits to my schedule via the mobile app?
A: Not currently, but it’s a popular feature request that we will be working on soon. Make sure to vote for this and stay informed on the progress of this request.

Q: What happens if there is no schedule during a time slot?
A: If there is no schedule, then it will go directly to a default voicemail. Because of this behavior, you can intentionally leave a slot blank if you want your customers to hear a voicemail. Alternatively, you could also set up a schedule that goes directly to voicemail. Just know that if there is a gap on a 24-hour schedule then it will go to voicemail.

Q: What happens if I have a legacy ring schedule?
A: We believe the new method of creating ring schedules is much more robust and provides a lot more customization. With that said, when you move to the new way of creating ring schedules, then any previous call schedule configurations will be deleted. It will be important to account for any new ring schedules you will need prior to moving to the new ring schedule feature.

Read our step-by-step guide on advanced ring schedule setup here.

Updated on: 02/25/2022

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