Getting Started Checklist for Advisors

You've recently joined AgriSync and are ready to hit the ground running. Follow the checklist below to go from Beginner to Expert in no time. Each item has a link to the corresponding help article to walk you through how to complete the task. You can download a PDF version of the Getting Started Checklist.

Advisor Account Setup
Download the AgriSync app and register with your mobile phone and company email address
Watch our 5-Minute On Demand Digital Training
Login to your account online at
Enable the AgriSync Chrome Extension for Desktop
If desired, Disable Text Message Notifications
Go through the Marketing Toolkit for ideas & inspiration

Ticket Actions
Create a Ticket via the Mobile App
Create a Ticket via the Web Dasbhoard
Start a Video Call on the Mobile App
Start a Video Call from the Web Dashboard
Add Private Notes & Reassign a Ticket
Create an Internal Ticket with another team
Close a Ticket

Manager-Level Tools
Understand Roles within AgriSync
Learn how to send Proactive Video Messages with Broadcast Alerts
Learn to Download Excel Reports of Ticket Data
Learn how to utilize the Insights Interactive Dashboard
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