Getting Started Checklist for Advisors

You've recently joined AgriSync and are ready to hit the ground running. Follow the checklist below to go from Beginner to Expert in no time. Each item has a link to the corresponding help article to walk you through how to complete the task. You can also download the Getting Started Guide PDF.

Advisor Account Setup
Download the AgriSync app and register with your mobile phone and company email address.
Login to your account online at Visit this article to learn more about our Registration Process.
Ensure that you Accept Permissions for the app when prompted.
If you are on multiple teams in your company's AgriSync account, Choose your Default Team.
If desired, update your Notifications Preferences.
If you'd like to answer calls at your desk, set an optional Secondary Desk Phone.

Customer Adoption Tips & Best Practices
To help transition customers to calling your team's VoiceHub number instead of your personal number, set-up an Automated Text Response on your device.
Go through the Marketing Toolkit for ideas & inspiration.

Get Familiar with AgriSync
Import your Customers as Contacts in AgriSync.
Create a Ticket with a customer from either the app or web dashboard.
Understand the difference between Private & Public Notes within a ticket.
Whenever you call a customer back or place an outbound phone call, utilize Call from VoiceHub.
Start a Video Call on the Mobile App.
Start a Video Call on the Web Dashboard.
When issues are resolved, always Close your Tickets.

Manager-Level Tools
Learn how to Create & Manage Teams in your company's account.
Understand Roles with AgriSync.
After your team has imported their contacts into AgriSync, Segment your Contacts in categories that you define.
Ensure that VoiceHub Settings are set to your team's needs.
Learn to Download Excel Reports of Ticket Data.
Learn how to utilize the Insights Interactive Dashboard.
Learn how to send Broadcast Bulk Text Messages.
When needed, use the Manage page to Invite Additional Team Members to join your AgriSync account.
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