New Version of Broadcast!

With the new version of Broadcast, AgriSync Advisors with 'Manager-level' access can send bulk text
messages via the web dashboard to a defined audience.

The new version of Broadcast allows you to:
Send bulk text messages from your VoiceHub number
Define your audience via a CSV template file
Include the link to a video or PDF

Select the audience to send your Broadcast to & the VoiceHub number to send from. If you choose to send your Broadcast to a defined audience, download the csv. template and fill-in your recipients' phone numbers and names. Save the file to your computer and re-upload into Broadcast to see the list of recipients.
If you choose to include the link to view a video or PDF, upload the file from your computer. Video files must be in MP4 format. Convert your file at
Customize your Broadcast message. Brevity is key as you are limited to 150 characters. You have the option to send yourself a test message to check grammar, media link, and delivery.
Ship your message!

Broadcast on the Mobile App

The version of Broadcast on the mobile app allows AgriSync Advisors to record a 1-minute or less video to share with a pre-defined audience of your customers, internal team members, or other AgriSync Advisors.

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