Bug Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Problems with AgriSync

We know it can be frustrating if you experience troubles associated with using AgriSync. The following information will help you self-diagnose potential errors that could be impacting your use of AgriSync.

1. Use our diagnostic tool (web dashboard only)

Use our diagnostic tool to see potential errors and submit them to your IT team or AgriSync's Customer Success team.

2. Submit a bug

If it is a voice call issue, report the call as having a bug in the calls tab. Please provide as much detail as possible on what you experienced when submitting.

Report Bug

Note that this step will not create a support ticket, but it will allow the AgriSync technical team to collect data on bugs across the system, so this is a helpful step for information gathering.

3. Self-troubleshooting

There are several basic steps that you can try on your own before requesting additional support.
Delete the app and download it back onto your phone to help ensure you have the latest version
Log out and log back in
Clear your cache (on web dashboard)
Make sure you have a strong internet connection
If a device is not ringing, make sure it is selected to ring in your User Profile and you are on the appropriate ring schedule/call tree

4. Reach out to AgriSync Customer Success

In cases that you're not able to troubleshoot through these steps, please reach out to us at help@agrisync.com or via the chat on the AgriSync website. Before reaching out, it is helpful to include the following information in your message:
Were you on mobile, web, or landline?
What is the ticket number with the issue?
How long have you noticed this issue?
Is anyone else on your team experiencing this issue?
Which of the steps noted in step 3 have you already tried
If relevant, attach screenshots or screen recordings of the issue

You will hear from our Customer Success team shortly.

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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