Bulk Edit Contacts

On the Contacts page, you can select one or more contacts in the list. Near the bottom of the screen you will find the buttons Share Voicehub#, Segments, Create Segment, and Delete Contact.

Select Contacts, Buttons Near Bottom of Screen

Share VoiceHub Number

Click the "Share VoiceHub#" button in order to send your Team's VoiceHub number to the selected contacts.

Add Contacts to Existing Segments

Click the "Segments" button to bring up the list of segments for your company. Clicking on a segment from the list will add the selected contacts to that segment.

Create New Segment for Selected Contacts

Clicking the "Create Segment" button will bring up a window on the right-hand side of the screen to create a segment containing to selected contacts. Name the new segment. It is also possible to search for additional contacts to add to the new segment within the right-hand window.

Delete Contacts

In the lower right-hand corner you will find the "Delete Contact" button. After selecting the contact(s) you wish to delete, clicking the button will bring up a prompt for you to confirm deletion. Upon clicking Yes the selected contacts are permanently deleted. There is no method to restore or retrieve deleted contacts.

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