Bulk Invite your Customers to Join AgriSync

The beauty of AgriSync is that customers can easily interact with their advisors without downloading
another mobile app. However, we know there are some tech-savvy producers out there that enjoy using
apps to better manage their operation. When your customers download the free mobile app, they can interact with your team and see the details of their support tickets within the app. The best way to encourage your customers to join is by utilizing the Bulk Invite feature on the Web Dashboard. With a few simple steps, you're able to send an invitation via text message to a list of your customers by simply uploading an excel file or csv. spreadsheet. This feature is only available to Admins and Managers.

Go to the Manage tab on your AgriSync Web Dashboard and scroll down to the Bulk Invite section.
Make sure you are in the Customer tab, not Internal Employees.

Download the CSV Template.

Open the spreadsheet template and fill in your customer(s) mobile number(s) and first/last name(s).

Once you have inserted the contact information, save the spreadsheet to your computer and click
Choose File to upload.
You can click on Preview Invite to preview the text that your customer will receive. It will include your
name and organization.

Click on the Invite button to automatically text your list of customers to download our app!

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