Call Recording and Sentiment Score Insights

Call Recording & Sentiment Score Insights

Companies can enable conversational analytics in the form of recording all VoiceHub phone calls. When this setting is enabled, call recordings will also receive sentiment scores to assess the sentiment of the call.

With conversational analytics, your team can work on improving customer service and accelerating the time it takes to train new employees. Sentiment score insights help improve transparency of customer support communications by assessing the positive, negative or neutral tones of your calls.

Conversational analytics is free and available to each company in AgriSync. To enable call recording for your organization, contact the customer success team. Our customer success team will send a quote requesting a digital signature agreeing to the terms & conditions. Once that is received, conversational analytics will be enabled for your account.

Call Recording

When call recording is enabled, all inbound and outbound VoiceHub calls will automatically be recorded and accessible within the AgriSync ticket and the Calls page.

Advisors can access and listen to all call recordings for the team/s that they are on. Managers can access and listen to all call recordings for the entire company.
For inbound phone calls, callers will hear an automated message that says "_This call is being recording for quality assurance, training & learning purposes._" This message is required and cannot be customized or recorded by your company. Advisors do not need to take any action or say any phrases for inbound phone call compliance.
For outbound phone calls, advisors are required to notify the customer that the call is being recorded. Suggest verbiage: "This is {advisor name} from {company name} calling on a pre-recorded line."

Sentiment Score Insights

Next to all call recordings will be the call's sentiment score. This reflects the positive or negative tone of the call and is customized to your account.

Sentiment scores are categorized as:
Red = a negative response, with a score of 1-40.
Yellow = a neutral response, with a score of 41-70.
Green = a positive response, with a score of 71-100.

Algorithm Feedback

To improve the accuracy of your algorithm's scoring, provide feedback on specific sentiment scores that do not accurately reflect the attitude of the phone call.
Click on the sentiment score bubble in the AgriSync ticket or Calls page.
Use the thumbs down icon to indicate the the sentiment score is not accurate. Use the thumbs up icon to indicate that the sentiment score is accurate.
Use the text box to provide feedback on the accuracy of the sentiment score. The more details you provide the more the algorithm will improve its accuracy and make conversational analytics more valuable for your organization.

Updated on: 06/01/2022

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