Getting Started Guide for Admins and Managers

You've decided it's time to get started! Download the Getting Started PDF Guide or follow the checklist below to configure your company's AgriSync account. Each item has a link to the corresponding help article to walk you through how to complete the task.

Company Account Management
Create & Manage Teams in your Account
Invite your Advisors to join AgriSync
Understand Roles in AgriSync
Promote AgriSync to your Customers
Create Custom Ticket Tags
When needed, learn how to Remove an Advisor from your Company Account

VoiceHub Management
If you have an existing call tree system, set-up Call Forwarding into your VoiceHub number.
If you have an existing support number, consider Port into AgriSync.
Set a Ring Schedule for your VoiceHub number to determine when team members are available to answer VoiceHub calls.
If desired, create a customized Call Tree to direct customers to the right Advisor/s based on their issue.
Enable the Ring Last Advisor logic if you'd like to automatically route calls from customers to the Advisor that is assigned to their open ticket.
Record Customized Greetings for each VoiceHub number.
If you haven't already, Share your VoiceHub Number!

Other Managing-Level Tools
After your team has Imported Contacts into AgriSync, Segment your Contacts in categories that you define.
Learn to Download Excel Reports of Ticket Data.
Learn how to utilize the Insights Interactive Dashboard.
Learn how to send Broadcast Bulk Text Messages.
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