You've recently joined AgriSync and are ready to hit the ground running. Please consult the Getting Started Checklist outlined below to get up-and-running in no time.

You can download a PDF version of the Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist
Please go through the checklist below. Each item has a link to the corresponding help article to walk you
through how to complete the task.

New Organization Setup
Register and configure your company's AgriSync account

Admin & Managers
Adding Additional Team Members
Create Teams
Enable VoiceHub for Teams
Record VoiceHub Greetings
Set VoiceHub Ring Schedule
Share VoiceHub via Text Message
Bulk Invite Employees & Customers
Create Custom Ticket Tags

Advisors Using AgriSync
Follow the checklist below to go from Beginner to Expert in no time

Advisor Account Setup
Add Profile Photo
Update Personal Account Info

Managing Tickets
Create a Ticket via the Web App
Create a Ticket via the Mobile App
Add Private Notes & Reassign a Ticket
Close a Ticket

Video Call via Mobile App
Start a Video Call on the Mobile App
Capture a Still Image During Video Call
Swap presenters
Swap cameras
Invite a third party to join the video call

Video Call via Web Dashboard
Start a Video Call from the Web Dashboard
Capture a still image during a video call
Add a third party
Share your screen
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