Open a New Ticket via the Web Dashboard

From the Tickets tab of the Web Dashboard, you can click Create Ticket to open a new ticket with a customer, internal employee, or external team. Start by entering the phone number or searching for a name in the search box. Ticket types include: Video Call, Outbound VoiceHub Call, and Ticket only.

Video Call: By clicking 'Video Call', we'll send a text message to the other party inviting them to connect via video. They'll simply tap the link to join the video call and tap 'Allow' for access to their camera and microphone to begin the call. You can also invite someone into a live video session from within an existing ticket.
Phone Call: By clicking 'VoiceHub Call', we'll place an outbound call from your VoiceHub number to the contact selected.
Ticket Only: By clicking 'Create Ticket', we'll open a new ticket. The customer on the other end won't be notified unless you take action in the ticket.

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