Tickets are easy to create via the Web Dashboard. You can open a ticket by entering a customer's mobile number or by searching for an existing customer who you've previously interacted with on AgriSync. We've outlined each ticket type you can create on the Web Dashboard.

Creating Tickets via the Web Dashboard

From the Tickets tab of the Web Dashboard, you can click Create Ticket to open a new ticket with a customer or internal employee. Start by entering the phone number or searching for that customer in the search box. Ticket types include: Video Call, Phone Call, Ticket only.

Video Call: By clicking Video Call, we'll send a text message to the other party inviting them to connect via video. They'll simply tap the link to join the video call and tap 'Allow' for access to their camera and microphone to complete the call.
Phone Call: When you click Phone Call, we'll place a call from your VoiceHub number to the number entered.
Ticket Only: By clicking on Ticket, we'll first open a ticket within the web dashboard. From there you can chat with the other party or initiate a phone or video call directly within the ticket.
Clear: Click Clear to clear out any number or information you entered and we'll restart the ticket creation process.

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