Creating a New AgriSync Ticket

AgriSync will automatically create a new ticket anytime a customer calls, texts, or submits a ticket to your
team. However, we know there are still times when you need to create a ticket on behalf of a customer -
perhaps to initiate a text from your VoiceHub number or if a customer calls your personal phone and you'd
like to track the issue.

Via the AgriSync mobile app, you can create a new ticket by clicking the (+) button the top right-hand
corner, typing in their phone number, clicking 'Connect' and cancelling out of the page. When you go back
to the home screen, a new ticket will be created. The customer will not be notified until you take action in
the ticket.

Mobile App Instant Ticket

Via the AgriSync web dashboard, you can create a new ticket by clicking 'Create Ticket,' typing in their
mobile number, and clicking 'Ticket.'

Web Instant Ticket
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