Creating Customer Segments

One of the most requested features we've added to AgriSync 3.0 is the ability to categorize and group customers and colleagues into Segments. Segments allow you to easily send broadcasts to those groups, as well as have visibility to additional information about a customer as support tickets are created.

To Create a New Segment
Click on the Contacts Tab inside the Web Dashboard
Click on the All Contacts drop-down box and select Create Segment
Name your Segment and select which contacts you'd like to add to that segment
Click Create Segment when you're finished.

You can also create new Segments, and assign customer's to Segments, when doing a Bulk Import of Contacts.

Editing Customer Segments

Once you've created a customer segment, you can always add or delete contacts from that segment later on. To edit a segment simply:

Click the All Contacts drop-down box and click on the pencil icon next to the segment you wish to edit.
Remove contacts by un-checking the box next to the contact's name

Add new contacts via the search box at the bottom

Click Update Segment when you're done
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