Export Contacts

Export Contacts in AgriSync

Managers in a company's AgriSync account can export their company's contacts in AgriSync. This provides any easy way to make updates to contact properties and re-import into the system.

To Export Contacts:
Login to the web dashboard
Click on the Contacts page
Click Export List

To Re-import Contacts:
Make any desired changes to your contacts
Save the file in a csv format (important)
Upload the file from the Bulk Import section on the Contacts page

If you make updates to the fields for First Name, Last Name, Email, Account #, or Organization; those updates will override the current fields.
If you make changes to a contact's Segments, it will only add to their existing Segments, not remove their existing Segments.
A contact's phone number is their unique identifier in AgriSync. This means that if you change the phone number, you will be creating a new contact not editing the existing contact.

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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