Getting Started with Internet Calling (VoIP)

AgriSync uses Internet Calling (commonly referred to as VoIP) to route VoiceHubâ„¢ calls over the internet instead of through the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). This provides clearer audio and a more reliable calling experience for your advisors.

As of October 1, 2021, all new AgriSync customers are already set up to use Internet Calling. If you started using AgriSync prior to this date, we'll reach out to enable your account for Internet Calling.

Benefits of Internet Calling:
Advisors no longer have to press "1" or say "Connect Now" to answer the call
Overall better experience with fewer delays and clearer voice quality
Caller ID shows who's calling

When a weak internet connection is detected, calls are automatically routed through PSTN instead of through the internet.

How to set up Internet Calling

Switching to Internet Calling is simple. An AgriSync Customer Success Specialist will reach out to help with the transition.

Here's how it works:

Download the latest version of the AgriSync App. When you sign into the app, your device will be registered with AgriSync.

Log into AgriSync on your computer and go to your User Profile. Notice your device has been selected for internet calling.

Enable Internet Calling from the web dashboard

If your device isn't listed, sign out of the app, close the app, and sign in again. Once signed in, open your User Profile, select Notifications, and enable Ring my device.

Toggle 'Ring my device' on the AgriSync App

Now your advisors can answer calls on their mobile device or computer using the AgriSync web dashboard.

Incoming calls

When you receive an incoming call from an AgriSync contact, the caller's name will be shown. If the contact doesn't already exist in AgriSync, the caller's phone number will be displayed. The name of the team they're calling will also be displayed.

We recommend importing your contacts into AgriSync so you can see who's calling. If you use Salesforce, you can automatically sync your contacts between Salesforce and AgriSync.

How to Disable Internet Calling

If you need to switch back to PSTN calling, sign in to AgriSync on the web and navigate to your User Profile. From there, uncheck all devices under Internet Calling. Select the checkbox next to Primary Phone to receive PSTN calls on your cell phone.

We recommend disabling Internet Calling only when your advisors are without Wi-Fi or data coverage for an extended period of time. Since calls are automatically routed through PSTN when a weak internet connection is detected, it's unlikely your advisors would need to disable Internet Calling.

Uncheck your devices to disable Internet Calling


If you're unable to hear audio while connected to your company's Wi-Fi network, the audio may be blocked by your company's firewall. Please run the diagnostic tool to detect any issues. If that doesn't solve the problem, please reach out to us at to help troubleshoot.
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