Getting the Best Video Quality for an AgriSync Video Session

Unlike most live video applications, AgriSync minimizes bandwidth usage by only streaming one video at a time. In addition to AgriSync's built-in optimization, there are a few things you can do to ensure the best video quality for your next call:

Network Connection: Ensure you are on 4G (LTE) or WiFi connection. 3G will work, but a 4G network
signal will provide a clearer picture.

Camera Operation: When using your phone's camera on a live video session, it is important to move
the phone slowly and keep it as steady as possible. This will help your advisor to address your issue
quicker and easier.

AgriSync uses the rear camera on your phone to show your advisor exactly what you are seeing. This
camera typically has better image quality than the front-facing camera.

Audio Quality: Using a headset for your phone will increase sound quality and cut out wind noise.
AgriSync supports a bluetooth connection; however, using a bluetooth headset may cause an echo. We
recommend a wired connection such as headphones with a microphone or a headset.
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