How to Configure SIP Trunks with 3CX

When you sign up to use AgriSync, each of your teams will receive a new VoiceHubâ„¢ phone number with a local area code. This phone number gives your team automated ticket creation, time tracking, analytics, call routing, optional call recording, and multi-channel communication (email, text, voice, video).

While the AgriSync platform doesn't typically replace your entire existing phone system, it should be your primary system used for aftermarket support calls.

It doesn't work to have two "traffic cops" for your phone system. We recommend keeping your current system as the traffic cop and forwarding aftermarket support calls to your VoiceHub number.

Recommended VoiceHub Configuration

As an example, you might have a call tree in place such as Press "1" for Service, "2" for Parts, and "3" for Sales. In this scenario, when a customer presses "1" or "2", the call should be routed directly to VoiceHub. Depending on your team setup, you may have separate teams (and separate VoiceHub numbers) for Service and Parts, or you may have only one team.

There are two ways to forward call traffic to VoiceHub: SIP Integration and Call Forwarding.

Below is an example of how to configure SIP Trunks using 3CX.

Due to the vast number of phone systems available, the AgriSync customer success team is not able to help configure or troubleshoot external phone systems. If you need assistance setting up your SIP Integration, please reach out to an expert from your phone provider.

1. Prior to enabling SIP with your AgriSync account, you'll first need to provide the following items:
Static Public IP (This is typically found in the Network Settings of your phone service)
Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

Please submit these items via the via email to

2. Log in to the management interface of your 3CX account and complete the following steps:
Go to SIP Trunks
Select Country: choose Generic
Select Provider: choose Generic SIP Trunk
Enter your team's VoiceHub number as the Main Trunk Number (If your VoiceHub number is 1-515-123-4567, then enter in the following format +15151234567)
Click the OK button to save

3. Enter Trunk Details and Authentication ID/Password provided by AgriSync
Within the SIP Trunk you created above, you'll need to complete the Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP and the Outbound Proxy fields. AgriSync will provide this information. The same details will be entered into both of these fields.

Next, enter the Authentication ID and Password under the Authentication section. These credentials will be provided to you by the AgriSync team.
SIP Trunk Authentication

4. Within the SIP Trunk you just created, you'll need to add a DID for each Advisor that will be receiving calls from that Trunk.

Note: If the Advisor's primary phone number in AgriSync is 515-123-4567 you'll create a DID in the following format 15151234567

5. Within the SIP Trunk, go to the Caller ID tab to set your Outbound Caller ID. Enter your desired outbound caller ID in the format of +15551234567

6. You'll also need to create an inbound rule for each Advisor's DID
Click on Inbound Rules
Click Add DID Rule
Name the Rule
Select the Advisors DID from the list
Choose the appropriate 3CX Extension to call for that Advisor

Repeat this process for each Advisor on the team

7. With your SIP settings configured, you'll need to enable SIP functionality in your AgriSync account.
Go to the Manage Tab in your AgriSync account and click on VoiceHub settings
Click Enable SIP and click Submit

Go to your User Profile in the top right
Click on SIP for either your Primary or Secondary phones (or both) & Click Update

You should now be set to answer calls via 3CX and see tickets created in AgriSync as those calls are answered.
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