How to get your Browser Logs

How to get your Browser Logs

If you are having troubles or getting errors, sometimes it is helpful for the team to better understand what is going on with your web browser. To do this, we may ask you to capture your browser logs and send to us.

Google Chrome

In Chrome, go to the page where you are experiencing the error.
At the top-right of your browser window, click the Chrome menu (â‹®).
Select More Tools > Developer Tools. The Developer Tools window opens as a docked panel at the side or bottom of Chrome.
Click the Network tab.
Select Preserve log.
You will see a red circle at the top left of the Network tab. This means the capture has started. If the circle is black, click the black circle to start recording activity in your browser.
Refresh the page and reproduce the problem while the capture is running.
After you successfully reproduce the issue, right click on any row of the activity pane in the Network, and click Save all as HAR with Content.
Save the HAR file.
Select the Console tab.
Right-click anywhere in the console and select "Save as...".
Name the log file console-log.txt.
Attach the file and send to

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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