Importing Contacts into AgriSync

Every Advisor within a company's AgriSync account has a shared Contacts list. You can add customers to this list in a variety of ways.

From the Web Dashboard
to your account online at
Click on the Contacts tab
Choose to either individually import or bulk import a list of contacts
To bulk import a list, you need to download the sample CSV file, fill-in your contacts' information, and upload it back into AgriSync. After uploading your CSV file, you can preview the file to make any needed changes before importing. When bulk importing, ensure that you do not import more than 1,000 contacts per file at a time.

From your Phone's Address Book
On the AgriSync mobile app, click on the Directory tab and find your phone's Address Book
Search or scroll through your address book and click on the contacts you'd like to add into AgriSync
Click 'Add to Trusted Contacts'
Go into the Contacts page to view your team's contacts. Click on a contact to create a new ticket.
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