Internet Calling FAQ

Internet Calling FAQ

Q: What settings do I need enabled to ring through internet calling?
A: Once you're logged into AgriSync on your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) you will have the option to select these to ring via internet calling from your user profile. Make sure that you also have "Ring My Device" toggled on in your settings on the mobile app.

Q: My device isn't showing as an option to check for internet calling. How do I get this to show?
A: To use internet calling, you have to have the latest version of the AgriSync mobile app downloaded for this to work. Make sure to download this from your phone's app store and be signed in.

Q: How is internet calling different from how ExpertConnect rings me today?'
A: With internet calling enabled, you will no longer have to press one or say connect now to connect incoming calls from your customers. You'll also notice that any of your contacts that are saved in AgriSync will have Caller ID, so make sure to import and save any of your contacts in the Contacts tab!

Q: I only answer on the web dashboard. Will this change affect me?
A: Internet calling will only impact those users who answer calls on their mobile device. If you answer on the web dashboard today, these internet calling benefits are already in place.

Q: If I'm not connected to the internet, will my phone still ring?
A: If you're not connected to the internet, your phone will use data to direct inbound calls. Make sure you allow AgriSync to use your cellular data in your device's personal settings.

Q: Why isn't my phone ringing?
A: Make sure you are on your team's ring schedule. With our new ring schedule, if there is no schedule in place all inbound calls will go straight to voicemail. Also make sure you have the "Ring my device" toggled on in your AgriSync mobile phone settings.

Q: How do I disable internet calling?
A: If you need to switch back to PSTN calling, sign in to AgriSync on the web and navigate to your User Profile. From there, uncheck all devices under Internet Calling. Select the checkbox next to Primary Phone to receive PSTN calls on your cell phone.

We recommend disabling Internet Calling only when your advisors are without Wi-Fi or data coverage for an extended period of time. Since calls are automatically routed through PSTN when a weak internet connection is detected, it's unlikely your advisors would need to disable Internet Calling.

Uncheck your devices to disable Internet Calling

Read our step by step guide to internet calling here.

Updated on: 02/25/2022

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