Invite your Customers to Use AgriSync

With one action, you can both share your VoiceHub number/s with customers and invite them to download the AgriSync app. When you click 'Share VoiceHub' we'll send your customers a text message with a link to view your teams & create a new contact in their phone; as well as a button to download the AgriSync app and be connected to your teams.

Login to your account online at
Go to the Contacts tab. If you haven't already, you'll want to Import your Contacts.
Once you see your customers in this list, you have two options for sharing your number
Option 1: Click the checkboxes on the left of the customers you want to text, and click 'Share VoiceHub No' on the button
Option 2: Individually share your number with a specific contact by clicking 'Share VoiceHub#' on the column next to their name

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