What is IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?
IVR technology provides you with an additional method to accept customer WhatsApp opt-ins.

Why does a customer need to opt-in to receive WhatsApp notifications?
This is due to the WhatsApp terms and conditions. If they do not accept then they will be receiving notifications via SMS.

How does it work?
If toggled on, when a customer calls your team's VoiceHub number they will first hear an automated message asking if they would like to opt-in for WhatsApp notifications. In order to opt-in they simply press 1 on their key pad. The call continues after the customer action.

Can I record my own message?
Yes! You can record your message letting them know to press 1 to opt-in. An example message would be "Thank you for calling [COMPANY NAME]. To opt-in for WhatsApp notifications press 1, otherwise stay on the line to be connected to the next available advisor."

Can I turn this off?
Yes. Simply switch the toggle to off and this feature will be disabled.
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