Job Codes

Job Codes

Whether your organization has existing job codes or you simply want to categorize the types of tracked events for customers, you can now do so on any ticket.

How to Create Your First Job Code

To create your first job code, you'll want to go to a ticket that has a tracked event (phone call, video call, manual timed session).

From the Time Tracking section of a ticket, click on the edit button below job codes. Once you start typing a job code, you'll have the option add it as a new Job Code. Once you've added a new job code, it will be available to search for and select on any other event in the Time Tracking section moving forward.

Job Code Reports

When job codes are pulled for reports, the session type will be displayed. Managers can see the difference between:
Inbound Call
Outbound Call
Video Call
Manual Session

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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