Logging into your AgriSync Account

With AgriSync, there are no passwords or usernames that have to be remembered when logging in. Instead, we simply use your mobile phone number and a 4-digit code that will be sent to you, via text, when you are registering or logging in to your account.

Via the Mobile App
To begin using the AgriSync Mobile App, make sure you download the AgriSync app from your Apple or Google Play store. Whether you already have an account or not, type in your mobile phone number when you click into the app. If you don't have an account, you'll walk through a quick registration process to get set-up. If you already have an account, or have been invited by your company, you'll get texted the 4-digit code and will go straight into your account.

Via the Web Dashboard
Go to www.agrisync.com
If you don't have an account, click 'Sign Up' in the top left corner and go through the registration process
If you already have an account, or have been invited by your company, click 'Login'
Enter the 4-digit code that was texted to you and login

If you're having trouble logging in, please make sure you're using the Google Chrome browser to access AgriSync. Google Chrome will provide you with the best experience. Also, it is important to make sure you get your 4-digit code texted to your mobile device.
Make sure your email is verified within your User Profile. Once verified, you can sign in through email as well.
Click the "Remember Me" box at the bottom left corner of your log in screen to avoid verifying your account as frequently
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