Marketing Resources & Promotion Ideas

Below is list of several marketing resources & ideas you can use to launch AgriSync internally and to your
customers. Our Customer Success Team is available to assist with any of these items, just email us at

1) Send out a Bulk Text Message
You can utilize the Share your VoiceHub Number feature or send a custom text message with our
Broadcast bulk texting tool.


2) Blog Posts, Videos, & Social Media
Utilize your blog and social media channels to promote your VoiceHub number/s and the AgriSync free
mobile app. Here is an example of what one team has done to explain why they are using a tool like
AgriSync and how their customers will benefit: When Hardware Breaks

3) Website Promotion
Ensure your VoiceHub number/s are visible on your website.

If you have social media icons on your website, you can also include the AgriSync app logo and link to the
AgriSync registration page:

4) Templates
Download and customize the following PowerPoint templates. Once completed, you can save these as
PDFs or JPGs to print, embed on your website, post on social media, or display on a screen in your office.

Customer Announcement Script - Letter or email announcement to send to customers.

VoiceHub PowerPoint Slide

Postcards Template - Choose a design you like, customize it, & save as a PDF to print. We recommend selecting Horizontal, 5x7, Premium, Soft Touch options on VistaPrint.

Business Cards Template - Choose a design you like, customize it & save as a PDF to print. We recommend selecting Premium, Soft Touch, and None options on VistaPrint.

5) Free VoiceHub Stickers
We'll ship you 100 free VoiceHub stickers! These are great to hand out to customers in-person or on any
materials that go out the door. Fill out this form for each VoiceHub number you would like stickers for.
And don't worry - when you run out, you can use this link to order more!

6) Setup Call Forwarding or Call Redirect
If you already have an existing phone tree system within your organization, insert your VoiceHub number
into the call tree. Check out this help article to learn more!

7) Update your Personal Voicemails
If customers are still calling your personal phone numbers, change your voicemail to include your VoiceHub number.
Thanks for calling [NAME] with [COMPANY NAME]. I'm currently unavailable. For faster support, please call our team hotline number at [XXX-XXX-XXXX]. Again that number is [XXX-XXX-XXXX].
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