New VoiceHub Number Options

When a new team starts using AgriSync, there are a few options for provisioning the team's VoiceHub number for phone and text support.

Option 1: Pick a new number with a preferred area code through a list of available numbers in AgriSync
A Manager in your account can do this when creating a new team or you can reach out to and we can assist.
The new number will need to be marketed to customers. We have suggestions & tips for this on our Marketing Toolkit.

Option 2: Pick a new number in AgriSync but utilize call forwarding with an existing number
This allows customers to call the phone number they are used to, but get transferred to the AgriSync phone number so that it creates a ticket.
This process will depend on your existing phone system, and there may be some settings you need to change so that the call comes in correctly. See this article for reference: Using Call Forwarding with VoiceHub

Things to consider:
Call forwarding only works for incoming phone calls. When you place outbound phone calls through AgriSync, it will go from the VoiceHub number in your account.
The customer will receive automated text messages from the VoiceHub number and may start using the VoiceHub number directly moving forward. We cannot prevent the customer from using the actual VoiceHub number if they choose, but there are VoiceHub Settings to assist with this.
Customers will need to use the VoiceHub number if they want to utilize text message support. They won't be able to text your existing number and have it track in AgriSync.

Option 3: Port your Existing Number into AgriSync
If you have an existing phone number that customers are familiar with, porting that number into AgriSync is the best way to transition your support into AgriSync.
This process involved changing ownership of the phone number from your existing phone provider into AgriSync's phone provider. There are a few documents you will need to fill-out and send to so that our team can initiate the request.

Things to consider:
Once you port the phone number, it will no longer be owned by your existing provider and therefore you won't be charged for it on your phone plan. If the number is tied to a specific individual or in your phone system tree, you may need to simply replace it with a new number with your phone provider.
We cannot ensure that your phone number is portable until we submit the request and receive confirmation. There are a few geographic areas that our phone provider does not support. You shouldn't market your number as being the AgriSync phone number until we receive confirmation on the official porting date.
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