Ring Last Advisor

Ring Last Advisor

The Ring Last Advisor feature allows you to automatically route calls from customers to the Advisor that is assigned to their open ticket.

How it Works:

If a customer has an open ticket in AgriSync from within the past 7 days, and they call back into the same VoiceHub number, only the assigned Advisor from their most recent ticket will be rung. The caller will will bypass the call tree or ring schedule settings. 

This feature is optional and can be enabled at the team level. If you would like to enable this feature, a Manager can login to the web dashboard and change the setting under the Teams view.


Login to the web dashboard and go to the Manage tab
Select which team you would like to have "Ring Last Advisor" enabled and click into the VoiceHub Settings
Where it says "Ring Last Advisor," slide to "On"

Note: This only applies to calls from customers with an open support ticket. Calls will automatically be routed to the assigned Advisor based on the customer's most recent open support ticket. If this feature is enabled, it is important for your team to close tickets when issues are resolved.

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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