Ring Schedule Time Zone

Set a Ring Schedule/Time Zone in AgriSync

Ring Schedule
In the Manage tab, scroll down to Teams View and select the Team with the VoiceHubâ„¢ number you want to edit.
Click on the VoiceHub Settings button, then Ring Schedule.
Switch schedules from "Off" to "On" and adjust the times to meet your team's needs.
Type the advisors that you want to add for each scheduled time window.
Click Update at the bottom to save your new Ring Schedule.

Note: By default, we ring all team members all the time. When you save a "Ring Schedule" we will only ring members as scheduled. We recommend having at least one advisor on each ring schedule, otherwise, calls will go directly to a VoiceHubâ„¢ Ticket.

Schedule Time Zone
Within a company's AgriSync account, each VoiceHub number can have a specific Time Zone associated with the ring schedule. This will determine when Advisors on that schedule will be called based on where they are located.
To adjust the Time Zone for a VoiceHub number, find the appropriate team in the Manage tab and click into Ring Schedule. In the top-right corner, there will be a dropdown to search for the correct Time Zone for that VoiceHub number.

Ring Schedule and Time Zone

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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