Setting-up the AgriSync + Salesforce Integration
You'll want to make sure your Salesforce Admin is involved in the process from the start as there are a few configurations steps that must be completed prior to seeing AgriSync tickets in Salesforce.

1. Install the Salesforce Package

2. Setup Salesforce Instance
a. Enable User Authentication Certificate
- Go to the Setup Page
- Go to Identity > Identity Verification
- Make sure the option "Let users authenticate with a certificate" is checked

b. Add the AgriSync certificate
- Download the AgriSync Salesforce Certificate: Salesforce Certificate
- Go to Setup Page
- Go to Users > Users
- Select the user and open its details
- Go to "User Authentication Certificate"
- Click Upload new certificate
- Enter details and click Save

c. Update the Connected App Policies
- Go to Setup Page
- Under the Platform Tools go to Apps > App Manager
- Look for the App Name "AgriSync" and choose the "Manage" option from the dropdown
- Click on Edit Policies
- Under OAuth Policies set
Permitted Users to "Admin Approved users are pre-authorized"
Set the IP Restrictions to "Relax IP Restrictions"

d. Update the Contact Layout
- Go to Setup Page
- Click on "Contact"
- Go to page layouts
- Click on Page Layout Assignment
- Click on Edit Assignment
- Select the profile and set the Layout "Contact Layout (Installed Package: AgriSync)"
- Click Save

e. Grant access to users in Salesforce
In order to see AgriSync tickets within Salesforce, users must be assigned the "AgriSync" permission set.
- In Setup, search for "Permission Sets" and click AgriSync
- Click Manage Assignments
- Select the users who should see AgriSync tickets and then click Add Assignments

3. Submit Admin Email and Salesforce domain to AgriSync
- Share your Salesforce Admin's email address and the Salesforce domain (ex: with the AgriSync customer success team
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