Saving a Customer's Name for Caller ID

If a customer does not have the AgriSync app, make sure you save their Caller ID within AgriSync so
next time they call or text your team; you know who it is.

There are two ways to save customers' Caller ID in AgriSync:
Within an existing ticket
By sending a Broadcast bulk text message

Within a Ticket on the Mobile App

Within a Ticket on the Web Dashboard

By Sending a Broadcast

Click on the Broadcast Beta tab, scroll down to the From Team dropdown and select the
team name you'd like the message to say "sent from."
Click on the Select Recipient dropdown & choose Upload CSV template
Click the Acknowledgment checkbox and press the Continue button.
Now, press the Download Template and enter your customer's phone numbers in the
downloaded CSV template.
Upload the completed spreadsheet, type your personal message, and send out a broadcast message.

For additional help sending a Broadcast: Broadcast - Send Bulk Text, Video, & PDF Messages

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