Setting Up EmailHub Forwarding

IMPORTANT - In order to utilize the email forwarding functionality, your company must be subscribed to our EmailHub product.

EmailHub provides each team in your account an email address to create tickets in AgriSync. You can either share this email address with customers, or forward emails from an existing email address to the domain we provide.

Get Started with EmailHub

Navigate to the Manage tab of your AgriSync account.
Click on Email Settings next to the team you want to enable.
Under Team Email Address, create a new team email address (AgriSync will generate an address for you).
Under Email Forwarding, register your existing email address.


Once you have registered the desired email in your Email Settings, you will need to configure forwarding within your existing email account (not within AgriSync). We have listed help articles below for the most common email providers.
Microsoft Exchange
Google Gmail
Yahoo Mail

If you are using a different provider than the ones listed above or you’re having issues configuring the steps above, please reach out to your provider for assistance.

Once you have enabled call forwarding with your email provider, navigate back to the EmailHub settings within AgriSync to test the new forward.

IMPORTANT – Make sure to hit Save!

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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