Share a Ticket with Others via Share Ticket URL

Share a Ticket with Others via Share Ticket URL

There are times when you need to share a ticket with someone outside of your AgriSync account. Luckily, every ticket in AgriSync has a complex URL that you can share with others.

1. Share a Ticket URL from the Web Dashboard

Inside of any ticket withing the AgriSync dashboard, you can click on the Share Ticket URL button to access the view-only version of the AgriSync ticket.

2. Share a Ticket URL from a Ticket Report

You can also access the ticket URL for each of your teams' tickets by downloading a ticket report from the Tickets page of the Web Dashboard.

3. Share a Ticket via the Mobile App

Inside of a ticket on the mobile app, you can tap on the Share button at the top and then click on Copy button next to the ticket URL. You can then share that Ticket URL inside of other applications such as Email, Teams, or SMS.

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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