Share your VoiceHub™ Number via Text Message

So you have this new hotline number, but let's be honest; it means nothing if your customers don't use it!
Make it easy for customers to save your new number by texting them a contact card.

In the Manage tab, scroll down to Teams and select the VoiceHub™ number you want to share.
Click on the Share Number button.

Download the CSV template and enter your customers' mobile numbers and names into the spreadsheet.
Upload the completed spreadsheet and click 'Submit'.

What happens next?
Your customer will receive a text message notifying them of your new team hotline number and giving them a contact card to save to their mobile device. We'll also save their name in our system so that next time they call your VoiceHub™ number, your team will see their Caller ID.

Other Tips for Sharing VoiceHub
Do a test run by inserting your own mobile phone number into the spreadsheet and sharing your
number to yourself.
Don't get this confused with our Bulk Inviting feature; where we invite your customers to download the
free AgriSync app.

For more tips on promoting your VoiceHub number, check out this article: VoiceHub Best Practices.
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