As an Advisor, you have the ability to begin a live video session with a customer or another advisor on the AgriSync mobile app. You can also start a live video session with someone who's never heard of AgriSync by simply inviting them through a text message to their mobile number.

To gain a better understanding, check out this video tutorial or the step-by-step instructions that follow.

Please Note: If at any point while using the AgriSync mobile app, adding video results in a black screen and no video communication; we recommend deleting the AgriSync app and re-downloading it, ensuring to allow all permissions. Otherwise, please refer to the help article Mobile App Permissions for more information

Start a Live Session with an Existing AgriSync User
From the AgriSync App Home Page: tap on a recent contact or tap the Contacts icon at the bottom to search your contacts.

Type out what the call is about and tap Submit.

Within the ticket you've created, click on the blue connect button in the top left and tap Start Video Call.

Wait for the other party to click on the link and connect.

Once you are in the live session, you as the Advisor have access to multiple controls.

Using The Machine Hours or Barcode Attachment Features

Start by having your farmer client hold their camera over the hours or serial number you wish to capture.
When you tap the corresponding button you gain the ability to use the crop handles to capture the desired information.
Once you have the picture cropped, tap the crop button icon on the bottom of the screen, and you will get a notification that the picture has been saved and added to the ticket.
After ending the video, you can re-enter the ticket and see your saved information.

After ending the call, the advisor feedback screen will appear and allow you to:
Rename the Ticket
Add a Private Note; or a note that your internal team will see, but not the customer
Add a Ticket Tag, which can be custom tailored to your operation by managers in the Manage Tab on the Web Dashboard
Choose between Update or Update and Close. Update and Close will mark the ticket as resolved.

Start a Live Session via Text Message

You are now connected via a live video session. While you are in the AgriSync Mobile App, the customer is in his/her browser.

After ending the call, the customer will have the option to rate your service and provide feedback.
You as the Advisor will also have a feedback screen to fill out.

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