Live Video Sessions

AgriSync Advisors have the ability to invite their customers or colleagues into a live video session via the
mobile app or web dashboard. If they don't have the AgriSync mobile app, no worries! You can invite them with a simple text message, no app required!

Please Note: If at any point while using the AgriSync mobile app, adding video results in a black screen and no video communication; we recommend deleting the AgriSync app and re-downloading it, ensuring to allow all permissions.

If you want to share a video with your customers to show them how this works, check out the article on Joining a Live Video Call.

During the video, you as the advisor can:
Add in a third party advisor
Capture screenshots
Capture Serial Numbers or Machine Hours
Swap presenter views

After ending the call, the customer will have the option to rate your service and provide feedback.
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