Start a Live Video Session Within the Mobile App

Live Video Sessions on Mobile

So you're on the phone with a customer, and diagnosing the problem would be much easier if you could see what they're seeing in real time. With live video, you can log into your AgriSync app and quickly connect with a live video session. If the customer doesn't have the AgriSync mobile app, no worries! You can invite them with a simple text message, no app required.

This video will show you three ways you can launch a video call with a customer, as well as will show you what to expect while you're on the call.

While you are on that live video session, you as the advisor are able to:
Add in another advisor
Capture screenshots
Mark-up photos
Scan serial numbers or machine hours
Swap views

After you end the live session, the customer has the option to leave you feedback. AgriSync will automatically create a support ticket tracking the time you spent on the call and any information you captured.

Please Note: If at any point while using the AgriSync mobile app, adding video results in a black screen and no video communication; we recommend deleting the app and re-downloading it, ensuring to allow all permissions.

Updated on: 12/07/2021

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