As an Advisor, you have the ability to start a live video session with a farmer or another advisor on the AgriSync platform. You can start a live video session with someone who's never heard of AgriSync before by simply inviting them with their mobile number.

In this tutorial, we'll show you both ways to start a live video session.

Start a Live Session with an Existing AgriSync user
From the AgriSync App tap on a recent contact or tab the Contacts icon at the bottom to search your contacts.

Type out what the call is about and tap Submit

Within the ticket you've created, click on the green call button and tap Start Video Call

Wait for the other party to connect and then you'll have access to multiple controls during the live video session

Following the call, you can mark if the issue is resolved and rename the ticket

Start a Live Session via text message
From the AgriSync App, tap on the Invite Customer icon at the top right and enter their mobile number and tap Connect Now

The customer will receive a text inviting them to join a live session. They simply click the link to join.

Wait a moment for the farmer to join the live session. They will have to Allow microphone and camera permissions before joining the call.

You're now connected in a live video session
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