Steps to port out your VoiceHub™ number to another carrier

If you decide to stop using AgriSync, you’re welcome to take your public VoiceHub number(s) with you. Below are the steps to port a phone number from AgriSync to the carrier of your choice. This process usually takes between 7-14 business days depending on your carrier.

Note: These steps must be completed prior to closing your AgriSync account.

1. Submit a port-out request to AgriSync
To transfer your number to a new carrier, start by submitting a VoiceHub Port-out Request.

2. Contact your new carrier
Contact your new carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc.) and let them know you’d like to port a number to them.

3. Complete a Letter of Authorization (LOA) with your new carrier
Most carriers require you to complete a Letter of Authorization to complete the port request. This form is provided by your new carrier and typically asks for the following information:
Business name and address
Authorized contact
Account ID – Provided by ExpertConnect
Service address – Provided by ExpertConnect
PIN Number (Optional)
Billing Telephone Number (BTN) – This can be any number you’re porting away from VoiceHub. If you’re only porting one number, use that number.
If the carrier requires a billing document or proof of ownership, AgriSync will provide this.

4. Select a date to transfer your number
Your new carrier may allow you to choose the date on which you’d like your number to be ported to their system. Once the port is complete, your number will no longer be connected to VoiceHub. Be sure to notify and educate your team and customers about your new service.
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