Ticket Bulk Actions

Ticket Bulk Actions

From the Tickets page on the web dashboard, any Manager can bulk close or bulk archive tickets. Archiving old tickets is a best practice for keeping your Tickets page clean and updated with the most recent tickets. Archiving a ticket simply removes it from the Tickets page but keeps the data of the ticket. Archived tickets will go in a separate Archived section that you can still access on the web dashboard.

How to Bulk Close/Archive:
Select the tickets you want to take a bulk action on by clicking the checkboxes on the left-side of the Tickets page. You can also click the top box to 'Select All' tickets on a page.
Click the 'Edit Tickets' button
Select whether you want to Close the tickets or Archive the tickets

Closing tickets will change the status of the tickets to Closed. This action will not notify the customer or advisor, it will simply change the status and keep the ticket in the same spot on the Tickets list. Archiving tickets will Close the tickets (if they aren't already) and move them to the separate Archived section.

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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