Ticket Tags

Assigning Ticket Tags

Ticket Tags provide a way for Advisors to categorize their support tickets in AgriSync. After every customer interaction, we'll ask you to leave at least one ticket tag to categorize your time. AgriSync provides a set of default ticket tags to get you started, but we encourage your admin to create custom Ticket Tags that are specific to your organization and what you want to track.

Prior to closing an AgriSync ticket, click on the Tags icon in the Ticket Details page to assign one or more tags to the ticket. From the Tickets page of the web dashboard, as well as in a ticket report, you can filter tickets based on Ticket Tags.

Create Custom Ticket Tags (Managers Only)

Login to the web dashboard
Click on the Manage tab
Click on the Ticket Tags tab
Create & edit your Ticket Tags & Sub-Tags

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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