Troubleshoot firewall and network issues

AgriSync uses a variety of services to make communication seamless from/to all of your devices. If your network firewall has restrictions in place, you may experience issues with our service.

If you do experience issues where you are unable to make or receive audio or video calls, we ask you do the following:

Contact your IT Department and ask what firewall ports they are blocking or only allowing.
Have your IT Department run the following tool:
If you are unable to resolve any problems, you may need to use our proxy service. Be sure to capture a screenshot from the troubleshooting tool in the prior step.
Please contact AgriSync Customer Success for help at explaining that you want to enable proxying for your company. Please share all details from the steps above including your network firewall rules that maybe preventing quality service and a screenshot of the results from the troubleshooting tool.

Technical Details

We leverage WebRTC within AgriSync. By default, WebRTC traffic uses UDP ports 3478 and 3479 but does leverage a range of addresses and port combinations to fully support. If you are unable to adjust your firewall to allow this traffic, we recommend you use our proxy service which will use TCP over port 443. However, there is a chance that the quality of service will not be as good with this route, but allow network traversal via a 3-way handshake. For more information see here and here. Our proxy service will function as a STUN server. If you want to run your own within your network, please contact us for more details.
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