Call Forwarding with VoiceHub

After signing up for VoiceHub, you'll be assigned a new hotline number with a local area code. You can either share this number publicly with your customers, or you can use your existing phone system to forward to this new number.

Companies with existing phone systems can use their VoiceHub number as a branch of their existing phone tree. A popular way to accomplish this is through call forwarding.

Using Cisco Contact Center Express
If your existing phone system is running on Cisco, we recommend resetting the Called Address to the Calling Number.

By doing this, it will allow the customer's phone number to appear in your VoiceHub ticket within the AgriSync Mobile App and Web Dashboard.

Google Voice: Since Google Voice has its own voicemail that can't be disabled, you're unable to forward your Google Voice number to your VoiceHub™ hotline number. Google's voicemail will initiate before you're successfully connected to the customer.
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