The AgriSync Web Dashboard is your one-stop-shop to managing customer interactions. Within the Web Dashboard, you can access your customer feedback rating, list of support tickets, contact information,
and more. Check out the following video for more information.

Each time you interact with a customer through a live video or audio call, that customer has the ability to
rate your interaction on a scale from 1-5. The feedback meter displayed on the Web Dashboard shows
the average rating you have received from your customers following a live session.

Additionally, you as the advisor have the opportunity to rate your live interactions. This allows you to
categorize your calls for tracking purposes and give AgriSync feedback on our services.

Open Tickets
The open tickets section displayed on the Web Dashboard shows the number of assigned & unassigned
tickets within your organization.

Connected Customers
The connected customer section displayed on the Web Dashboard shows the number of customers that are connected to your organization.

Your Web Dashboard also displays your most recent list of support tickets. Tickets can be created by
either your customers, your team of advisors, or another organization using AgriSync.
Each ticket displays the Ticket ID#, Ticket Name, Tags, Status, Client, Assigned Advisor, & Date.

AgriSync allows you to download your ticket history into a .csv file. This button will display several criteria
to filter your ticket data such as customer information, the assigned advisor, date, and any associated tags. You can either download all ticket history or filter specified data.

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