There are several parts to the AgriSync dashboard. This article helps to break them all down.

The feedback meter displays the average rating by your customers following a live session. Everytime a live call (video or audio) is completed, customers have the abilit to leave feedback for the Advisor.

Additionally, Advisors have the option to leave feedback for AgriSync on the call quality in addition to categorizing their call for improved tracking purposes.

Open Tickets
This section displays the number of assigned & unassigned tickets for your organization.

Connected Customers
This section displays the number of customers that are connected to your organization.

This section displays your most recent list of tickets. These can be created by your customers, created by your team, or created by another organization using AgriSync.

Each ticket displays the following pieces of information: Ticket ID#, Ticket Title, Tags, Status, Client, Assigned Agent, & Created Date

AgriSync allows you to download your ticket history into a .csv file. Reports will show you the customer information, the assigned agent, date and any associted tags with the particular ticket.

Click the Reporting button. This will display several criteria to filter data. You can eithe download all ticket history, or filter specified data to download as a .csv file.
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