Using Video to Support Customers from the AgriSync Web Dashboard

Below we will look at how you can support your customers using the AgriSync Web Dashboard by:
Inviting a Customer to a Video Session
Using the advisor features within the video session
Documenting notes while on a session

Inviting a Customer to a Video Session

Click Create Ticket.
Ask your customer to tell you their phone number, and type it into the Text New Invite box.
Click Connect Video

Your customer will now receive a text message with a link to join your video session. Once your customer clicks the link and taps Allow you will be connected to your video session.

Understanding your features on an AgriSync Web Dashboard Call

Using the Share Screen Feature

Download the AgriSync Screenshare Chrome extension here.
Click the Swap Presenters button for the share screen button to appear
Click the Share Screen button
We recommend clicking Application Window and choosing the desktop application you would like to use.

In order for a customer to see the entire webpage, ask them to turn their device to landscape mode
When you are finished sharing your screen, click the button with an X in a box

Documenting Notes while on a Call

While on an AgriSync Web Dashboard audio or video session, if you position the session window above or below the Chat Here box you are able to enter notes.

Ending The Session

Click the Red Phone Button to end your video session.
You will receive an Advisor Feed Back Screen to update your ticket and ticket tags.
Click Submit to return to your desktop.

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