VoiceHub Best Practices

When phone calls are coming through your VoiceHub number, it's easy to see the value of those tracked interactions. We've assembled the following best practices to drive VoiceHub usage within your organization.

1. Setup Call Forwarding or Call Redirect

If you have an existing support line or phone number that your customers already know, simply setup calls to redirect from your existing support number to your VoiceHub number in AgriSync. You can see how this can be done in the following help article: Call Forwarding into VoiceHub

We recommend consulting your company's IT department to assist you in this process.

2. Place Outbound Calls from your VoiceHub Number

From the AgriSync mobile app, you can place a phone call within an existing support ticket or start a new ticket through a tracked phone call.

3. Send a Bulk Text Message with your VoiceHub Contact Card

Through the AgriSync web dashboard, you can upload a list of recipients to send a text message contact card to. See how it's done in the video below.

4. Add your VoiceHub Number to your Website

Your company's website is the primary information resource for customers. Make sure your VoiceHub number(s) are prominently displayed so customers know where to call when they need assistance.

5. Update your Personal Voicemail

During peak seasons, the availability of ag experts is limited. When customers call their trusted Advisors directly, they often find themselves going to Voicemail. We recommend updating your personal voicemail greeting, encouraging customers to call your hotline.

Example voicemail script:
Thanks for calling [NAME] with [COMPANY NAME]. I'm currently unavailable. If you're needing immediate assistance, please call our support line at [XXX-XXX-XXXX]. Again that number is [XXX-XXX-XXXX]. Otherwise, you can leave a message and I'll return your call when I'm available.

6. Hand Out In-Cab Stickers with your VoiceHub Number

If you're in the equipment space, it can be helpful to display your phone number somewhere your customers will see it when they're needing help. We've done the heavy lifting by creating a sticker template for you. Simply complete the form linked below and we can ship VoiceHub stickers directly to you.

Get VoiceHub Stickers

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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