VoiceHub Messages & Ringtone Options

VoiceHub Messages & Ringtone Options

Every team in a company's AgriSync account can record their own customized greetings for their VoiceHub number. This includes an optional Welcome greeting that will play as soon as the caller initiates a phone call. Your greeting message can have a maximum duration of 30 seconds. Keep in mind if you have a call tree enabled, the welcome greeting will play prior to the call tree slots. If you don't record a Welcome greeting, the caller will start ringing immediately without hearing a message.

On the Welcome greeting tab, you can also select the type of ringtone you want the caller to hear while they are waiting to get connected. You can choose between a musical chime or a traditional dial tone.

You can then record a message for when callers don't get connected live to an advisor on your team. This is under the Leave Message tab. This message should ask the caller to leave a voicemail, which will create an AgriSync ticket. If you don't record a message on this tab, your caller will hear a default message that you can listen to under Messages. To over-ride the default message, click Change to start recording. To go back to the default message, click the Trash icon.

The last greeting option is for After Hours, which correlates to the ring schedule. Whenever your ring schedule is set to not ring any advisors, that's considered your after hours. In this scenario, the caller will go straight to voicemail. You can record a custom message for that scenario, perhaps outlining your hours of operation or when the caller can expect to hear back from you.

Updated on: 12/08/2021

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