VoiceHub Settings

VoiceHub Settings

VoiceHub™ takes your call center mobile without the need for expensive hardware or IT support. Easily adjust your ring schedule and team members, record a custom greeting, and share your new hotline number with your customers all within the AgriSync Web Dashboard.

VoiceHub™ numbers are tied to teams within your organization. Visit this article to learn how to Create & Manage Teams in your company's account. You can create as many teams as you need based on location, department, etc.
Set a Ring Schedule for your VoiceHub number to determine when team members are available to answer VoiceHub calls.
If desired, create a customized Call Tree to direct customers to the right Advisor/s based on their issue.
Enable the Ring Last Advisor logic if you'd like to automatically route calls from customers to the Advisor that is assigned to their open ticket.
Record VoiceHub Messages & Select Ringtone Options for each VoiceHub number.
If you have an existing call tree system, set-up Call Forwarding into your VoiceHub number.
If you haven't already, Share your VoiceHub Number!

If Advisors are on multiple teams within your account, they should each set a Default VoiceHub Number on their User Settings.

Updated on: 12/07/2021

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