What does it mean to be on a 'Team' in AgriSync?

As an Advisor in AgriSync, you will be placed on one or more teams in your company's account. This allows you to collaborate with other members of that team and have visibility to all the team's tickets. Every team in your company's account will have its own VoiceHub phone number that can be shared with customers or integrated into an existing phone system.

If you are on multiple teams in your account, you'll be asked to select a default team in your User Profile. Your default team is the team we will associate a ticket with if you don't specify the team during ticket creation.

You can collaborate with members of another team by creating a ticket with them or re-assigning a customer's ticket.
To create a ticket with another team to ask for support (not associated with a specific customer), navigate to the Contacts tab of the mobile app and click on Teams. You will see all the teams for your company and can create a ticket with another team to ask for support.
To re-assign a customer's ticket to a different team, you must first have an open ticket with the customer listed as the 'customer' on the ticket. Inside of the ticket, you can click Re-assign and select a different advisor or team to re-assign the ticket to. That individual or team will be notified that you have re-assigned a ticket and can take action on the ticket.
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