This article helps define what a Dashboard User is, how to add them to your team and what level of access they have within AgriSync.

What is a Dashboard User?
The role of a Dashboard User is to grant access to an employee to see customer tickets and download ticket reports, without the ability to interact with Farmer customers or Advisors within AgriSync.

What can a Dashboard User do?
Can: Dashboard Users essentially have 'view-only' permissions within AgriSync. They can view tickets, chat history and download reports.
Cannot: Start a call with a customer or colleague, comment or update a ticket, make any changes to the company's settings, invite customers or other employees

How do you invite a Dashboard User to your team?
Only Advisor Managers or Advisor Admins have the ability to invite Dashboard Users to join their team. They can do so by the following steps:

Step 1: On your Chrome web browser, go to the Manage tab at the top of your dashboard

Step 2: Scroll down to the Bulk Invites section and click Internal Employee
Step 3: Download the .csv or Excel template and enter the email address of the Dashboard User(s) you'd like to invite.
Step 4: Upload the completed template and click Invite.

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